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We base our theory on solid research, including the research of Jeff Volek (associate professor at the University of Connecticut) and Dr. Stephen Phinney (Professor of Medicine Emeritus at the University of California), who has been studying the efficacy of ketogenic diets for decades and have published more than 200 research reports on the subject.

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Keto Watchers
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Healthy & Fit with Optimal Ketosis

by Sylva Pax

Sylva Pax is the Norwegian bestselling author and writer of  "Healthy & Fit with Optimal Ketosis".  She created the Keto Watchers 6 week meal plan to confront the main issues that are making weight loss so difficult and pitting our own bodies against us. This book gives you the step by step plan on how to lose weight and ultimately become a healthier you.

At Keto Wathcers we are enthusiasts for "real food" without added sugar and other harmful additives.  We want to share our personal experiences with as many people as possible, spread information on health-promoting diets worldwide, and inspire more people to live a fit and healthy everyday life. We offer e-books, diet plans, as well as free information and recipes for a healthy and vitalizing diet.

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