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Lena showed amazing results even without exercise!

Lena Nordgaard (from Norway) showed excellent results on our plan, even without exercising. She wrote the following to us:

"Thank you for a well-developed plan! It has helped me a lot on my health journey. On my Instagram account, where I share my results, I am now overwhelmed with requests from other women.

I have known about nutrition-based ketosis since 2009, both in terms of education and private. Still, I had never tested it in combination with a low-calorie diet and intermittent fasting before. The experiences blew me away!!!

For me and my body, it was 100% exactly what I needed, and I now love to share my experience with others who I know need this! I have such good experience with the plan and have received so many inquiries from others that saw my results."

Lena now tries to help her friends and acquaintances achieve the same results. She continues:

"My friends also have amazing results. I have family, friends, close acquaintances, and some more distant acquaintances that all have tried the Keto Watchers program, with great results. I was very excited to hear that the Norwegian success was launching internationally. It's going to be a huge success! The expression "Optimal Ketosis" is new to most people. They are drowning in advertisements and information, and are struggling to find simple, straight-forward ways to succeed with their ketogenic dieting. Many people are aware of the importance of intermittent fasting, but they fumble around in darkness and don’t know the right way to implement it. They yearn for someone to help them step by step.

I can't wait to start another round of 6 weeks on the plan to reach my ultimate weight loss goal. There really are no other diets where I'm actually LOOKING FORWARD to getting started like this!!!! It is Keto Watchers who helped me get this far. I would never have reached my goal without them!"

We congratulate Lena on the amazing results and wish her the best of luck continuing her journey.


Lena saw amazing results with diet alone!

* Individual results may vary.


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