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Laila lost 33 pounds (15 kg) in 4 months and stopped using painkillers


Laila Huse Thorsen, 47 years old, had tried many diets over the years. She had tried smart-carb diet, ketogenic diets, Herbalife, and more, but the scale was barely moving. Laila bought a scale with "Body Composition Monitor," which supposedly can measure muscle mass, fat percentage, water content, and metabolic age in addition to your weight. Although she followed strict diets, she struggled to see any changes in her muscle, fat, and weight measurements.

Then one day, Laila stumbled upon Keto Watchers' e-book and meal plan. She wrote the following:

"It is so motivating to follow your diet plan. You should recommend people to buy a body scanner or monitor. It is both important and motivating to see how much fat you burn on a diet. With it, I found out that a lot has happened in my body. The outer body fat was reduced from 40.5% to 26.6%. My muscle mass has increased from 41.5 kg to 47 kg. The internal fat has decreased from level 8 to level 5."

She continues: "The last time I lost weight, I also used this scale to measure. That time it took me three months (!) to get down just one level on the inner fat. It was completely normal, I was told. I had nowhere near these results, even though I cooked my food from scratch, exercised three days a week, and went for walks in addition. Now I have spent three weeks getting down from level 8 to 5. Can you imagine that I have lost three levels worth of the innermost fat in such a short time?! It's really motivating! And no, I'm not exercising! Also, both the scale and the feeling in my body tells me that my "metabolic age" is now 32 years, as opposed to 62 years when I started."

Laila ended up losing 33 pounds (15 kg) in 4 months. She lost the first 22 pounds (10 kilograms) quickly when starting our plan, and "that was my goal," she says. "The last 11 pounds (5 kg) were a nice bonus."

Before Laila started on the Keto Watchers diet plan, she was in severe pain and had to use strong painkillers. Now she no longer uses painkiller medicine. She says that she has only taken two tablets since she beginning of the plan. Laila also got rid of her hot flashes and described newfound mental energy that she hasn't had for several years.

She says: "I have to be careful not to be bouncing off the walls because this new feeling makes me think I can be part of everything."

Laila is responsible and follows the diet plan to the letter. "But with one exception," she says. "I drink both a cup of coffee and a cup of tea in the morning."

She continues: "My clothes are hanging wide and long now. Before I started on the program, I was afraid that I would have to up my pants-size yet another number if I did not take action soon enough. Yesterday I bought a jumper in size Small. I have previously used Large+. And soon I have to replace all my pants, which are way too big around my waist. That will be expensive 😅 This diet removes the fat from all the right places."

She finishes: "Thank you very much for taking the time to write the book Optimal Ketosis. I couldn't wait to get started. There was so much good food in those recipes. I'm just incredibly satisfied. It is so lovely to speculate every morning on what we are having for dinner that day 😀 Last but not least; My body scanner now says that I am muscular and have a healthy fat percentage."

We are excited to hear about the fantastic results Laila has experienced and would like to congratulate her and wish her good luck on the road to an even healthier and fitter self!


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