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Reading the keto meal plan

Healthy & fit with OPTIMAL KETOSIS

$25 Keto e-book
Go keto and say goodbye to carbs, with delicious recipes to help you burn fat, lose weight, and boost your energy!

Our keto e-book will help you understand the science behind keto and why it works so well for many people. The 6-week diet plan makes it easier to incorporate the keto diet into your busy life - so you can better stick to the plan, and then continue on with a healthy diet afterward. 

Our goal is to help you into what is called the "Optimal Ketone Zone". This is not the same as normal ketosis achieved by a regular low carb ketogenic diet. Optimal ketosis places you at a particular level of ketosis that has shown to be exceptionally beneficial to the body. 

Download and start reading right away! 

Keto eBook preview
Keto e-book preview
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Low carb

A ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates (primarily found in sugary and starchy foods, pasta, and bread). Instead of eating carbs, you eat raw foods, natural proteins, fats, and vegetables. The diet plan includes minimal amounts of dairy products and is perfect for those trying to avoid this.


Low calorie

Simply restricting calorie intake can be effective short term. However, as the body adapts to the low-calorie intake, diets often stop working. What makes our plan different is "metabolic confusion". By changing the intake of calories from one day to the next, you will turbocharge your metabolism and trick it into working harder without ever reaching a plateau.

Intermittent fasting


Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It's as easy as skipping breakfast. 

When practicing intermittent fasting, you don't just focus on the foods you eat but also when you should eat them.


Vitalizing raw food

The meal plan includes a lot of plant-based, fresh, vitalizing raw foods rich in fiber and antioxidants.

Raw foods are particularly important in providing the enzymes that are essential to our health and digestive process and for fighting inflammation.


Tasty food

Boring or tedious food is not good for staying motivated. However, the foods on our plan are popular and tasty meals such as Keto Lasagne, Keto Pizza, Steak Dinners, Smoothies, etc. 

The dishes are specially designed to reduce appetite, cravings, and help you burn more calories.


Easy and inexpensive

Eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive, complicated or time-consuming. The easier a diet is to follow, the better the odds are of sticking to it. 

Our meal plan features budget-friendly simple to make meals that are healthy and delicious, easy and cheap.


Keto Watchers do things differently!

We offer no subscriptions or membership, show no advertisements, or sponsored content, and we will never try to sell you dietary supplements. We take your health seriously. 

The e-book comes with a 6-week meal plan that combines low-calorie, low-carb (ketogenic) dieting with intermittent fasting and a lot of vitalizing raw foods. This unusual combination creates a unique quadruple effect specifically designed to put you in the optimal fat-burning zone.

If you follow our meal plan, you will have a whole new life!

The e-book is available in digital format and will be delivered by e-mail. It can be read on all computers, tablets, e-book readers, mobile phones, and similar devices.

Scandinavian bestseller

Scandinavian bestseller

The bestseller "Healthy & fit with Optimal Ketosis" is finally available in English. Thousands of Norwegians have already lost weight and improved their health following our keto diet plan. Be one of the first to try this success abroad!